Vermont School Garden

A visit to a Vermont public school garden through the seasons.

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new crew and summer campers

Meet our new Youth Services garden crew and their leader, Meghan. They’re here through a federal grant and they’ll be able to help us maintain our garden for 7 hours a week for 7 seven weeks! We are thrilled to have their help. When they’re not with us at our garden they work at other gardens in the district. Here they are pictured with a group of summer campers who have come out to the garden to help plant beans. Usually we plant beans in July to harvest them when the students are back at school. This year we had to wait until we got some much needed rain before we could plant our beans. Fingers crossed that we won’t have a frost before the beans are ready.

Our teen crew weeded an earlier bean planting. They showed the campers the tiniest new beans emerging from behind flowers on those plants.

Meanwhile, “Someone’s been eating our broccoli and kale!” We haven’t found the culprit, but I’m betting on a groundhog. It doesn’t seem to be munching lately so we can hope that it’s moved on. Both plants are showing signs of growing back. We’ll put some white clay on them to discourage unwanted munchers.

eaten broccoli

gnawed broccoli

bean planting Aug 1

planting beans for late September