Vermont School Garden

A visit to a Vermont public school garden through the seasons.

New Discoveries in the Garden

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weed harvest

As you can see the extreme heat we’ve been experiencing in Vermont has brought on the weeds. Our terrific Youth Services crew was here to help tackle them on Thursday morning. Their last day is this Wednesday. What will we do without their help? They’ve worked hard at keeping everything weeded when they’re here, one morning a week for  six weeks. While working they’ve shared their hopes and dreams as they look ahead to post high school years. I’m glad they’re still young enough to love running through the sprinkler to cool off!

Westminster summer campers will also be leaving soon. They were out all afternoon helping to harvest, weed and mulch the new beans. Jay found a beautiful spider on the raspberries. We’ll have to identify it. Do you have any ideas?
We got our row of September beans mulched with newspaper and hay before the thunderstorms moved in. Whew!

That shy kitty from last week, came back to visit with his family. Below are Jean and her children, Jedda and Christopher with Baby Duke.

Mareena and Dominic cool off in the sprinkler

a peek at the first beans

mulch straw on new beans

mulching before the rain

Jay’s spider

garden neighbors and friends


Author: vermontschoolgarden

I have been an elementary teacher at the Westminster Center School for 30 years. For most of those years, I maintained a garden as part of my teaching curriculum resource. Now I am the Garden Coordinator for all of the Westminster Center School classrooms.

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