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A visit to a Vermont public school garden through the seasons.

After School Snack


Harvesting kale in October.

I’ve been visiting with the After School Program this week. many of these same children participated in the Westminster Schools Summer Camp Program. They had lots of experience harvesting kale and turning it into appetizing snacks. We made kale chips again this week and offered them to the kids on the playground. It was amazing to see how quickly they disappeared! I’ve read studies claiming that a new food needs to be introduced at least 12 times before it is accepted positively. I’m thinking that these kale chips got less promotional time and they seem to be a success.It may have something to do with accompanying group enthusiasm.
Maya, an enthusiastic ‘Kinder-gardener”, was on hand yesterday to harvest some peppers for snack.

Maya’s pepper harvest.

We brought them around to the After School snackers with a tofu dip I billed as ‘yellow ranch.’ One of the Kindergarters tried one and said, “I say ‘Y-E-S.’ I told her, “Then you can have ‘M-O-R-E!'”

Peppers and dip for snack.


Author: vermontschoolgarden

I have been an elementary teacher at the Westminster Center School for 30 years. For most of those years, I maintained a garden as part of my teaching curriculum resource. Now I am the Garden Coordinator for all of the Westminster Center School classrooms.

2 thoughts on “After School Snack

  1. YAY! Love the playground taste testing! and the YES! and MORE! and the Yellow Ranch too!
    Queen Irene, I’ve been making “green smoothies” – raw foods blended- and it’s been Great. It’s a great way to use the lacinata kale and it’s really great with apples. I’ll be happy to loan you my Vitamix blender if you’d like to try it at school! 🙂

  2. YUM! Will you loan me your recipes as well? And your
    expertise, EGardenbeth?

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