Vermont School Garden

A visit to a Vermont public school garden through the seasons.


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getting out those weeds

getting out those weeds

In June we welcomed a new crew of young Vermonters and their crew leaders, Mariellen Breton and Dakota Cohen. We’re lucky to have their help during the time when weeds are competing heavily with new plantings. They’ll be with us four days a week for three hours a day until August 7th. During that time they’ll learn about good gardening practices and, I hope they’ll get brave about trying new foods.  This crew is enthusiastic, hard working and eager to help with the youngest summer gardeners. Our summer camp runs until August 7th as well. The are many opportunities for all to learn from each other.


1 bunch chard washed and diced

1 medium onion, diced

3 cloves garlic, diced

2 Tb. olive oil

1 cup precooked rice (whole grain basmati)

vinegar, salt to taste

Heat oil in a wok or skillet. Add onions and garlic and sautee until golden. Add chopped chard stems to onions and garlic and stir constantly over medium heat. When stems are softened, add chopped leaves and stir until wilted. Add rice and continue stirring until rice is warmed. Remove from heat. Add salt and vinegar to taste. YUM!!


scraping weeds

scraping weeds

trying chard and rice stir fry

trying chard and rice stir fry


Author: vermontschoolgarden

I have been an elementary teacher at the Westminster Center School for 30 years. For most of those years, I maintained a garden as part of my teaching curriculum resource. Now I am the Garden Coordinator for all of the Westminster Center School classrooms.

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